Aug 31, 2023 | News

The Malawi National Council of Sport (MNCS) has said that the Malawi Youth Games are achieving its intended purpose of revamping school sport as well as identifying talent at young age and developing it.

The remarks were made by MNCS board member Mr. Young Chimodzi who was the guest of honor during the opening ceremony of the 3rd edition of the Malawi Youth Games at Civo stadium in Lilongwe.

‘’ We are achieving what we are looking for because you can see that a lot of young stars are in and some of the guys took part in the second edition so, this is giving us hope that at least we have a good future for the teams in most disciplines. We would like to have sponsors coming in and support the games because this is the most important stage of building an athlete so if sponsors come in that will be good.

‘’We are trying hard to get sponsors and I think everything starts with a step and we hope it’s going to work,’’ explained Chimodzi

On his part Malawi Schools Sports Association (MASSA) President Mr. Blackson Malamula explained that they expect a very competitive tournament this year.

‘’ We know the ages of these players and we know they are in the right age bracket; we have a good data base system and we are sure they will be no age cheating. As MASSA we expect a very good tournament, an injury free tournament as well as a violent free tournament and we also expect a lot of people to come and witness the 3rd edition of the Malawi Youth Games,’’ explained Malamula.

Three football games were played on the first day of the tournament. In girls’ soccer North East Education Division (NEED) drew with South East Education Division (SEED) 0-0. While in boys’ football (primary) Central East Education Division (CEED) defeated South East Education Division 1-0. In another boy’s football (secondary) match Shire Highlands Education Division defeated North East Education Division 2-0.

Tomorrow all learners will be competing in different sporting codes which include football, basketball, netball, volleyball, chess and athletics.

Football boys (secondary) will be played at Civo stadium from 8:00 am, girls’ football will played at the Civo upper stadium from 8:00am. Athletics will take place inside the Civo stadium from 8:00am. Chess will be played at Kamuzu Institute for Sports from 8:00am, Netball will be played at Kamuzu Barracks from 8:00am and Volleyball will be played at Lilongwe community ground from 8:00am.

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