Sep 8, 2023 | News

The Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) has announced that the ‘Sport for All’ initiative will be re-launched this coming Friday 15 September, 2023 in Lizulu Ntcheu.

The announcement was made by MNCS Board Chairperson Dr. Sunduzwayo Madise yesterday in Lizulu, Ntcheu, during the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MNCS and Inkosi ya Makhosi Gomani the Fifth who was also unveiled as the ambassador of the program.

Speaking during the MOU signing ceremony Dr. Madise explained that they came to a decision to make Inkosi Gomani the Fifth as the ambassador of the ‘Sport for All’ program after noticing that the program lacked consistency

‘’The problem we had is that after we launched the ‘Sport for All’ program in 2021 and after reviewing what has happened, we quickly realized that we are launching the events in the districts and sometimes the regions, but after we launched, it did not have the impetus of what we left, so we realized that we needed to have system where once we launch there can be consistency. So, we looked around and thought that maybe the chieftaincy is a tool or a vehicle we can use to sustain this

‘’So, we looked at the Paramount Chiefs and we settled for Inkosi yamakhosi Gomani the Fifth because he is a Paramount Chief, he is of youthful age and he is also able to liaise with other paramount chiefs. The reason why we chose him is for him to represent us, to be our ambassador but also to take the message to fellow Paramount Chiefs so that they can then encourage people in their areas to do sports,’’ explained Dr Madise.

On his part Inkosi yamakhosi Gomani the Fifth explained that he is very honored to be the first Paramount Chief in Malawi to be the ambassador of sports.

‘’Its an honor knowing that this is the first time such a position has been given to someone in a traditional leadership position and as Inkosi yamakhosi am happy for this position and I receive it with both hands and will definitely work for the betterment of the goal we have to make sure that everyone is included in sport

‘’ My role will be to advocate and that people should know the importance of sport and health, so that they can be more productive and also to reach out to many people as possible as well as stake holders and other partners such as members of parliament and companies to support the plans and goals that we have to reach out to everyone,’’ explained Inkosi Gomani.

In the MOU that was signed Inkosi Gomani the Fifth is expected to lead the way in promoting sport and physical exercise in the country while the Council will provide the technical support for the smooth implementation of the program.

The sport for all initiative was introduced in 2021 by the Council with the aim of encouraging the citizens to take part in sport and physical activities regardless of gender, age or ability. The program was launched in the three regions across the country and currently follow up programs are under way to make sure that sport is participated by all.