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I’am POSSIBLE in Syllabus

Jul 10, 2019 | Taekwondo

The government of Malawi has shown interest to include disability sports in the school’s syllabus as a means to promote sports among disabled students.

The disability sports in the schools will be under the ‘ I’m POSSIBLE ‘, a global initiative being supported by International Paralympic Committee which is still on the pilot phase and has reached 30 primary schools.

The I’m Impossible programme encourages schools to be creating favorable environment for children with disabilities to be taking part in the sports of abled children.

James Chiutsi, Malawi Paralympic Committee (MOC) president said they had been meeting the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on the plans on how to implement the project in schools.

“We submitted a proposal to the ministry requesting for the programme to be streamlined in the schools’ syllabus and government showed interest. In principle, the government has agreed to consider the inclusion of the disability sports but awaits the review of the programme in two years’ time”, said Chiutsi.

The representative for the ministry of education, science and technology, Ivy Mthethiwa applauded the initiative.

“The ministry is impressed with the programme since it strengthens the bonds that exists between the able and disabled children in the communities”, she remarked.

She said this during the event demonstration of the programme delibaeratley held as a post step in promoting it.

Agitos Foundations, the sponsors of the programme hailed the government and MOC’s commitment towards the project.

“We are impressed with the wonderful job done by MOC in raising awareness on Paralympic sports. Children are more inclusive when it comes to take part in sports activities”, said the Foundation’s representative, Ciara Cibben.