The awards were introduced in 2018 with the aim of motivating athletes to do well by rewarding those who have made extraordinary performances  in sporting year, as well as rewarding sports administrators who have made a positive contribution towards sport development in a sporting year.

The awards also recognizes sport associations, media houses and veteran sports man/woman who are contributing a lot in as far as sport development in the country is concerned.

The awards are held every year in February and recognizes athletes and administrators in the following categories:-

  • Junior Female sportsperson
  • Junior male sportsperson
  • Sports administrator of the year
  • Non-Citizen sports personality of the year
  • National team of the year
  • Sport woman of the year
  • Sports man of the year
  • Sport woman of the year with disability
  • Sport man of the year with disability
  • Best executed sports development program
  • Sport district of the year
  • Umpire/ referee/ Judge of the year
  • Coach of the year
  • Media house of the year
  • Sports association of the year
  • Female veteran of the year
  • Male veteran of the year
  • Sports person of year (overall winner)