Jun 12, 2023 | News

There is need for Malawian athletes to fight for good results every time they compete at international tournaments if as a country we are to be regarded as a force to be reckoned with in the sporting world.

The remarks were made by Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) Board member and Chairperson of the sports development committee Mrs. Helen Tasosa Mpinganjira during the welcoming ceremony of the Malawi kickboxing national team who were in Harare Zimbabwe to compete at the African day kickboxing championship.

Making her remarks at the ceremony which took place at MNCS offices in Blantyre Mrs. Tasosa Mpinganjira explained that as a country we need to be happy and proud with the performance of the Malawi kickboxing national team.

‘’ Bringing in 17 medals in three years its not a joke, each time they have gone out to compete they have made sure to bring in medals. As Council we want to encourage them. You are aware that government is giving a lot of money to sports associations and the only thing that sports associations can do is to bring back results if they bring back the results everyone will be happy because the money that is being spent is tax payers’ money and the only way to pay back is to bring back good result’’ explained Tasosa Mpinganjira.

On his part Malawi kickboxing association general secretary Bright Limani explained that they are delighted as an association to have won medals at the tournament and thanked MNCS for the support and the warm welcome.

‘’ We thank sports council for making the trip possible, we know that the future looks bright for Malawi kickboxing association, you can see there is a lot potential within kickboxing, technically and athletically we are good, so as an association we believe that if we are finally listed as a sport for the Olympic games Malawi can bring medals at the Olympic games. Many associations have sent athletes at the Olympic games but have come back empty handed’’ explained Limani.

Captain for the Malawi kickboxing national team Yamikani matembeka expressed satisfaction with how the team performed during the African day championship.

‘’ We are very happy because we achieved what we wanted, we have come back home with 2 gold and 3 silver medals and a trophy. We want to thank our coaches for the good training they gave us, but also, we want to thank sports council for the support they showed us we do not take that for granted. We have big expectations because we can see that the future looks bright. If we continue winning, we will be able to travel to countries who are advanced in kickboxing and compete with them.’’ Explained Matembeka.

During the African day championship Malawi won two gold medals through Lawrence Chingonga and Jimmy Katsoka, while Moreen Dzikambani, Yamikani Matembeka and Moses Banda all won silver medals. The Malawi team also received an award as the best team at the tournament because of the individual performances of the athletes.

During last year’s event the Malawi kickboxing national team won three gold and three silver medals.

The African day kickboxing championship is organized by the Zimbabwe kickboxing association in commemorating African day which takes place on 25 May every year, this was the second time for the Malawi kickboxing national team to compete at the tournament.