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MNCS Requests For Hosting Volunteers

Jul 5, 2019 | News

As part of our vision Malawi National Council of (MNCS) operates within a global context and as part of global focus, MNCS got into an agreement with Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of sport (NIF) to run a Youth Sport Exchange Program for a duration of 10 months, with participants coming mainly from Norway and Zambia. The purpose of the program is to enrich the experiences of both overseas and local volunteers involved in sport and other related issues.

The Council will in September this year receive seven (7) volunteers to be placed at two (2) each in Mzuzu and Lilongwe and three (3) in Blantyre. The volunteers will be involved in schools as well as community based sport programs.

In the above regard, the Council requests for offers from the general public in the three (3) indicated cities to host volunteers in this year’s program. The minimum requirements are:

(1) The host family must provide the volunteer with his/her own room with a lockable door.
(2) The host family must be able to provide the volunteer with three (3) meals a day.
(3) At least one member of the host family staying in the house should speak English.

From past experiences, volunteers enjoy the lifestyle and warm hospitality of their Malawian host families. They have fun practicing Chichewa conversation with family members, trying various foods and participation in cultural events among others.

By agreeing to host a volunteer you are not only providing your family with a rich cultural experience , but also assist the Council to improve its operations and also to develop international links. It is the goodwill of the host families that have come forward to assist that have made the program such a success.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of families who hosted our past overseas volunteers and ask that others consider participating in this program. Families that are interested should contact the following as soon as possible;

Blantyre: Felix Yola, Blantyre Youth Center 0888944787 

Lilongwe: Isaac Phiri, Kamuzu Institute of Sport 0888829402

Mzuzu: Georgina Msowoya, Regional Sport Development Office 0884124772

Sports Council: Ruth Mzengo 0888822528

By management.