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Nam to go commercial

Aug 22, 2019 | Netball

The local netball governing body, Netball Association of Malawi (NAM), plans to have a permanent secretariat to be based at Development House in Blantyre to help its small-scale commercialization process that would benefit the Queens.

According to Nam president, Khungekile Matiya, the secretariat will be comprised of three members of staff; Administrative assistant (secretary), Marketing or Public relations officer and accounts officer.

“The operations of the association has been affected to some extent due to Executive Committee members who serve on voluntary basis. The association fails to secure sponsors due to lack of proper structures. It is this reason that we want advertise to hire three members of staff to carry out the assigned duties to facilitate every day’s secretariat’s activities”, she said.

She concluded that among other things, the marketing officer will be assigned with creating and maintaining positive relationship between Nam and the general public while marketing officer will be responsible for auditing reports and other duties as per requested. 

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