2021 Region 5 (V) Tournament

2021 Region 5 (V) Tournament

Malawi‘s under 18  athletes will be participating in different sport disciplines such as netball, athletics, volleyball, and football at the Regional Five(V) Tournament to be held in Lesotho from 4th to 13 December 2021.

Malawi is scheduled to host the event in 2022.

Below   is the brief background of the   tournament



The AUSC Region 5 Council of Ministers adopted a Five Year Development Plan at their 23rd November 1997 meeting in Cabinda, Angola. One of the Projects in the Development Plan was the organization and hosting of AUSC Region 5/SADC Games for the Under 20 age group on a biennial basis.

At their Special Meeting of 7th September 1999 in Johannesburg, South Africa, the AUSC Region 5 Council of Ministers agreed that the hosting of the Games shall be compulsory and rotational, and shall be the basis of the Chairmanship of the Council of Ministers. Thus the country whose Minister is the Chairperson of the AUSC Region 5 Council of Ministers shall host the Games.

Ownership and Hosting

  • The Games are the exclusive property of the AUSC Region 5.
  • The AUSC Region 5 Secretariat shall be responsible for the organization of the Games and shall establish committees to assist it as it deems necessary.
  • The hosting of the Games is mandatory, and rotates alphabetically between Member States.
  • The relationship between the AUSC Region 5 and the host country is governed by a Protocol Agreement which is signed no later than 36 months before the Games.
  • The Games are organized by the host nation. The host nation is at liberty to augment state funding through funds raised from marketing activities, cooperating partners (donors) and other sources.
  • The minimum duration of the Games is ten (10) days, whilst the maximum is fourteen (14) days

The aims of the Games are to: 

  • Encourage young sports persons to develop towards stages where they can in future represent their nations and the whole region;
  • Enable young people from different Member States to meet, mix and get to know each other, thereby developing the required community spirit and regional integration;
  • Develop a spirit of fair play, mutual respect and Olympism among young athletes of the Region;
  • Provide opportunities for countries of the Region to unite in working on an agreed common sports Programme.


Games Editions

2004 Mozambique Inaugural
2006 Namibia 2nd Edition
2008 South Africa 3rd Edition
2010 Swaziland 4th Edition
2012 Zambia 5th Edition
2014 Zimbabwe 6th Edition
2016 Angola 7th Edition
2018 Botswana 8th Edition


Blantyre Marathon 2021

Blantyre Marathon 2021

The 2019 Blantyre Marathon is part of the MNCS Marathon event that takes place every year. These series of Marathons that happens every year where runners from all walks life including international runners come to join us , you are all invited to the “Run the Warm Heart” for this special event.