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Draughts National Team Puts Malawi on the Map

Sep 9, 2019 | Draughts

The championship among men and women 2019 started in Bulgaria, in the city of Sveti Vlas. The championship is held from September 1 (arrival day) to September 10 (departure day). The world championship is held in three categories: Classic, Rapid and Blitz. 93 players from 34 countries took part in competitions.

Representatives of Belarus, international grandmasters – Ihar Mikhalchenka and Darya Fedarovich became winners of the Rapid among men and women respectively.

International grandmaster Dmitry Tsinman (Russia) and international master Yana Yakubovich (Belarus) won Blitz among men and women.

International Masters Enock Banda and Moses Winesi (Malawi) have finished on 25 and 28 respectively making a record in draughts history as they have become the first African athletes to break into the top 30 since Africa started participating in the World Draughts-64 Championships in 2013.

Athlete Humble Bondo beat International Grandmaster Michael Semianiuk from Belarus and made headlines in the International scenes. Malawian athletes showed outstanding performance by finishing on position 16 during Rapid tournament.