The Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) in 2017 introduced an ‘Annual National Sport Awards’ programme to be called “Malawi Sport Awards” aimed to recognise deserving athletes, individuals and organisations that are outstanding in contributing to the development of sport in the country.

• To recognise deserving stakeholders for their contribution to sport development in Malawi.

The Award scheme will strive to achieve the following objectives;
• To encourage stakeholders to be part of the sporting community.
• To encourage those who participate in sport to aim higher in their respective disciplines.
• To develop pride, hard work and sportsmanship in athletes and all stakeholders
• To encourage the corporate world into sport sponsorship and partnerships.
• To establish a long lasting association between stakeholders i.e. sponsors, athletes, and the community.
• To encourage creativity and innovation in sport practice
• To encourage and promote fair competition in sport practice
• To turn sport into an attractive industry.
•To harness and promote the power of sport for the healthy, economic and social wellbeing of the Malawi nation.

General Rules
In order to achieve the aims and objectives of the scheme, there shall be a special annual ceremony at which the awards will be presented to individuals and teams whose contributions have had a major and positive impact on the development of sport any communities in the country.

Using a predesigned format, nominations of athletes or administrators from any sport disciplines/codes that deserve recognition will be solicited. To ensure transparency and fairness of choice, all nomination submissions will go through rigorous examination by a group of carefully selected people. Nominees should fulfil the criteria as stated in this document.

There will be a number of nominees per each of the categories as listed in this document.
The list of nominees in each category will be further scrutinised by other two committees to decide on position placement but the winners will only be announced at the awards ceremony, after being endorsed by the Malawi National Council of Sports. The following will be the general guiding principles for the Malawi Sport Awards:

1 The athlete nominees must be from sport codes whose controlling association is a fully registered association of the Malawi National Council of Sports
2 Activities that will take precedence in deciding the winners will be performance in competitions involving at least four countries at the AUSC Region 5/SADC level and/or competitions where six or more countries are involved or any international competition.
3 Athletes and/or teams must have competed in at least two levels beyond preliminaries in any international competition for them to qualify for recognition under this Awards Selection Criteria. One off competitions like the international cross country championships will also be considered in so long as the competition involves at least six countries in a competition recognized by the international federation.
4 Invitational and/or friendly games shall not be recognized by these awards selection criteria.
5 Only National Championships/tournaments shall be considered in the case of evaluating the athletes’ domestic performance. This may not be limited to national championships in Malawi if the athlete resides outside Malawi.
6 Only Malawi citizens qualify for nomination for an award under this scheme, save for the Non-citizens’ Sports Award category where only non-citizens are considered
7 Selection committees and other levels of adjudication will source information from whatever source to help objective assessment of winners. Notwithstanding, the nominations will be required to be accompanied by sport related curriculum vitae and profiles of the nominees to aid the adjudication process. Nominators are at liberty to include digital recordings of their nominees’ activities to support the nominations.
8 Any nominations that have no supporting Curriculum vitae and profiles of the nominees will not be considered.
Nominators will make not more than one nomination per category
10 Where selection committees are convinced that any submission is fraudulent, they will disregard such a submission
11 Except where for good reason the Malawi National Council of Sports feels it necessary, Malawi National Council of Sports employees/staff, and members of the Board of Directors and of the Ministry of Sports and staff/employees of organizations employed as service providers at awards winning functions or persons on the selection panel do not qualify for nomination or to make any nominations.
12 A shortlist of three nominees will be drawn from all candidates considered in each category, and will be called “the finalists” from whom the award winners will be chosen; provided that such shortlist will not be made available to the press, or published for the general public at any point before the awards ceremony.


Three finalist nominees will be selected from nominees in each of the categories of the Malawi Sport Awards and one winner will be identified. All nominees and Award winners will receive various award recognition items as decided from time to time between the awards ceremony organisers and the program sponsors. In all cases however, the awardees will be presented with a framed certificate and a miniature.

Recognition Awards shall be awards issued to sponsors, individuals or organisations that have played a major role in the development of sport in the country be it generally or for a particular sport.

These Awards are:
• Sport Association of the Year Award and
•Chairman’s Special Award

Excellence Awards shall be to those sportsmen and sportswomen who have exhibited excellence and skill in their sport. In all cases the Awards will given for the following areas:

i.Junior Female Sportsperson (up to the age of 17)
ii.Junior Male Sportsperson (up to the age of 17)
iii.Sports Administratori
v.National Team
vi.Sports Woman
vii.Sports Man
viii.Sports Woman with a disability
ix.Sportsman with a disability
x.Best Executed Sports Development Programme
xi.Sports District of the year
xv.Media house
xvi.Sports Association of the Year Award
xvii.Chairperson’s Special Award


The criteria for selection of the winners will be designed by the panel of judges guided by the guidelines below which are meant to promote the spirit of sportsmanship and emphasise the importance of sport to the community and the person:

(1) Outstanding skill and performance in a particular sport,
(2) Exemplary behaviour on and off field of play
(3) Creativity during play
(4) Fair play on the field of play
(5) Demonstrable willingness to promote sport development
(6) Ability and willingness to assist others and the association on and off the field of play
(7) Demonstrable positive influence the community


1. Professionalism
2. Creativity/novelty and innovation
3. Willingness to assist others
4. Time management
6. Demonstrable positive influence the community

A nomination form will be made available to all associations to complete in full and present to the selection committee in time for evaluation and selection.
In all cases, it is the expectation that Associations will fully consult within themselves to decide on their nominees. Associations are at all times free to nominate athletes and persons from other sport codes than the one they manage.


All nominations shall be sent to and received by Malawi National Council of Sports by particular set dates by the Malawi National Council of Sports who will thereafter present the same to a selected panel of judges for their perusal.
The panel of judges will then meet to make their final decision on the recipients of the awards. The results shall not be disclosed until the day of the awards.


The Malawi Sport Awards program will recognise overall annual performance and will continue to exist parallel to the Affiliates’ Performance Incentive Schemes which may reward performance for official international competitions on a case by case basis, and other instruments designed by either the Malawi National Council of Sports or its affiliates to recognize and/or reward performance.

The awards ceremony shall be held at a cocktail to be presided over by the Minister of Sports as may be decided or advised by the Minister of Sports. The ceremony shall be held at one of the country’s convention centres or hotel. Sponsors of sport in Malawi and other stakeholders will be invited to the awards ceremony.

The awards are critical to the path of professionalising sport in its practice and management in Malawi.
Besides being an encouragement for athletes and administrators, the awards are also intended to present an exclusive platform for advertising and marketing to any partnering sponsor.