MNCS Establishment

About Malawi National Council of Sports

Established by an act of Parliament; the Malawi National Council of Sports Act No.10 of 1974, to provide oversight to the development of all sporting disciplines in Malawi.

According to the Act No.10 of 1974, the Objects of the Commission shall be to promote Sport within Malawi and participation of Sport outside Malawi.

Mandate and Functions
The Malawi National Council Act has however extended and specified the mandate of the sporting body corporate on among others; matters of women and sport, professional sport, sport for people with disabilities, recreational sport as well as anti-doping within sport.

Vision Statement
“ We are Proffessional, most efficient and effective sport development catalytic organization, successfully providing progressive and quality sport services in Malawi”.

Mission Statement
“ We are a sport body entrusted with responsibility to Manage, Control, Develop and Promote sport at all levels”

The functions of the Council are:-
– To develop, promote, encourage and control all forms of sport in Malawi on a national basis;
– To facilitate and encourage co-operation among the various national sports associations and other sports organizations in Malawi;
– To assist, whenever possible, sports associations and national, regional, district and local authorities in promoting the development of sport and physical recreation in Malawi;
– To organize in consultation with national sports associations, national, international and other sports competitions and festivals with particular emphasis on the exchange of experience, and the fostering of friendly relations with other nations;
– To promote throughout Malawi the highest standards of sportsmanship and discipline in all sportsmen;
– To organize and promote scholarships for the training of coaches, organizers, and officials and to foster the promotion of training and coaching schemes and courses;
– To advise the Government and any authority, either specifically or generally, on matters relating to sport and physical recreation.
In carrying out the functions conferred upon it by this Act, the Council shall at all times do so in accordance with the directions, whether general or special, of the Minister of Sports.