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MNCS pleased with turn up during the 2019 Blantyre City Marathon
News details;14/10/2019

The second edition of the revived Blantyre City Marathon (42.195km) was held on 13th October, 2019. The competition which is for both men and women was attended by over 40 athletes helling from all the regions of the country.

The prize money for the winner in each category was k1 million and it was arranged that amount of k 500,000 would be given to the winner if he breaks the record of 2:18:40 hours set by Henry Moyo in 2003 on top of k 1 million in men category. While in women category, the break record time was set at 2:48:21 hours.

According to the results of the Blantyre City Marathon, the title of “Champion” was received by Mphatso Nadolo (2:29:38 hours) and Nalicy Chirwa (3:05:55 hours) in both men and women categories respectively. Silver medals were received by last year’s winner, Doris Fisher (3:16:31 hours) in women category and Kefasi Kesteni (2:32:35 hours) in men category. Bronze medalists were Jafali Jossam (2:34:37 hours) and Tereza Master (3:17:11 hours) in both men and women categories respectively.

The director of Sports from the ministry of Sport, Youth and Culture, Mr. James Ndalama, who was the guest of honour said the main objectives of the government on sport development is to ensure mass participation by all genders and age groups in the country.

He further said government is making sure that while all are participating in sports, talent identification and its exposure from district and national levels is put on check in order to uplift them up to international levels through construction of infrastructures, regional programs, and use of well-trained sports officials.

“Blantyre City Marathon is in line with national sports policy. This is why we are encouraging all sports organizations to come up with as many programs as possible so that those people who are not able to participate because of inadequate programs should have an opportunity to participate in sports”, he said.

Speaking during the event, acting Executive Secretary (ES) for the organizers’ of the Marathon, the Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) Mr. Henry Mereka said he was impressed with the way people turned up. He also thanked all the sponsors and volunteers who had helped in the organization of this successful event.

“I thank all the sports associations for their commitment towards this event led by Malawi Olympic Committee (MOC) in supporting and collaborating with Malawi National Council of Sports at all stages of preparations in coming up with this well-organized race”, he said.

He further said that with the high turn up of the young children at the event, the Council plans to engage in young ones come next edition.

“I am very much impressed with the way young boys and girls have patronized this event. We will consider and try to come up with their own race”, he said.

The executive secretay however said he was not impressed with this year's performance as the winner is way back from last year's champion.

" We tried to encourage our athletes by setting aside additional money so that they can be motivated and be at a level where they can compete at international levels but it seems our athletes are not putting much effort. We will therefore try to bring in athletes from other African countries to compete with our athletes",he said.

He pleaded with sponsors and individuals who took part in the organization of the event to continue doing so in order to take sport development and its promotion to another level.


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